When you’re caught in the struggle, then how hard it is to imagine that things could be different?
When I was alone, and I could not have sex with a woman I wanted to be with, it’s been nigh on impossible even consider that I could feel wanted, I could be cherished, and be in the presence of love and desire.
But there was a seed – a dream, a hint, hope on a wing…
It’s been a long road to dreaming, dreaming of freedom:
What is it like? What would life look like, each day? How would it feel, on the inside? What are the things that we can do, together?
That was the breakthrough.
Hope has given the way to possibility, possibility into action.
It wasn’t easy, it’s taken me years, but I found love, all I could dream of, and more, so much more!
If you find yourself struggling to get through the day, then what you might need now is time.
Time to dream, time to feel, to consider, to open the path towards hope.
Because no matter how tough it might be now, things can, and do, change.
For the better!!
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