Tell me – are you the person who follows their own intuition, or likes to think everything through?
Most of us fall somewhere in between, but being on my journey to healing from trauma has changed me in ways that I could not expect.
The big step that I taken last year was starting my therapy.
It’s helped me put some of my hurtful memories in a place where they are just that – memories, and not a living and breathing horrors that take over senses and making me numb.
Therapy has also helped me to find the compassion I needed for my younger selves, embrace them and bring them onside.
(Sounds weird I know, but it’s like learning a language – it’s starting off hard, and the next thing you know you can ask for directions)
The one thing I could not expect was a new found sense of trust – in myself, with the human that I am today, what I want, what I need, what I deeply desire.
Remember radio?
It’s like I tuned in into my own station, and now I can listen to my own thoughts and feelings, and decide what to do.
It is such a relief I can’t tell you:
Having spent so much of my life inside worry, and doubt, stuck between crazy and divisive thoughts, knowing something is wrong with me…
Well, today I know better.
Today, I know every little thing is right, and if it isn’t quite right, then I know I’ll be making it better.
It’s the step that I’m glad I could take – to be trusting myself in my actions, my plans, and my dreams.
In my everyday decisions:
How I write, how I speak, how I am around others.
It’s the comforting truth in the knowledge about us, all of us who have lived through the hurt:
Why worry about what could be wrong when there’s so much RIGHT.
One step at a time…
What is the next step on your journey to heal?
Join me this week to explore the ways we can how: