Dear friend, if you’re getting hit hard by the struggle, you might ask yourself:
Why, why should life be this hard?
One thing I’m finding helpful is zoom out of the moment, this day to day life, and consider this life as a whole:
As I began to consider the past, from the very beginning, I began to pick out the turning points, the impact they had, impact I never noticed…
And so often you don’t because you, you just get on with life, and the moments that matter, that hurt you, that made you look up, those moments that changed you…
In truth, they add up.
And you’re feeling it, don’t you?
The cumulative impact of pain, stress, trauma adds up, over time, and it’s taking us longer to let go, and recover, move on.
In my traumatic stress studies course, there’s a name for what we’re experiencing – they call it the allostatic load.
I want share what I learned with you about it on this week’s podcast below: