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"With the chaos and the uncertainty of the pandemic, Joe’s book could not be more timely."

- Prof Peter Doherty, Nobel Prize Winner

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It’s hard to keep your hopes up in a world of uncertainty, but what if you could bring more calm and confidence into your daily life? What if you could feel in control, live with greater purpose, and inspire others to lead happier lives? 

Celebrated speaker, author, and coach Joe Bakhmoutski uses his lived experience with cancer and mental health struggles to share inspiration and advice on how to thrive despite the setbacks and challenges you might be facing today.

In this book, Joe shares practical ways to tackle uncertainty in your daily life and help you bounce back after a crisis:

    How to find hope in a challenging time

    Tackling worry and finding joy in small, everyday things so that you are excited about life again.

    How to build hope towards your goals

    Finding a greater sense of confidence to fulfill your ambitions and to reach your goals faster.

    How to share hope with people in your life

    Rekindling your sense of purpose and belonging so you look forward to the future and give hope to those around you.

    Buy the digital edition of the book for only $7 and will receive instant access to the PDF and your FREE BONUS GIFTS:

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