The last few years of living inside a pandemic have caught us off balance – the everyday life turned itself inside out, we struggled to make sense, connect, to belong.

But this profound sense of disorientation hasn’t it always been found its way into the fabric of our being when living with trauma?

It sometimes can feel as if everyone’s off on a cruise while you’re struggling to keep it afloat in the never ending storm of living each day.

You know what it’s like – and truth is that despite the struggle, the loss, the uncertainty…

You’re doing your best, for you and your loved ones, because there’s no other way, only forward, and maybe, just maybe you are not giving yourself the credit that you so richly deserve!

This journey through change, and you want to be acting from your place of a strength.

It is a place of fortitude when you are prepared:

For those of us who know what it’s like to deal with the unexpected, we want go to foundation and leverage our home, our environment so that we get to FEEL READY.

Ready to stand our ground, ready to bounce back, ready to move!

This week on the podcast, I am talking about how making your home your fortress can help you move forward despite the challenges that come to us daily: