What is life without a moment of true connection – when you’re feeling the joy, the fun, and sharing of something unique, and yet simple, together.

This might be a moment you share with a friend, child, your lover:

You don’t have to think, and just live it – what a relief!

But there are moments when things go the opposite way…

You cannot get through to your child, friend, or lover:

They might be upset, angry, they’ve got their walls up…

They don’t want to talk, they don’t want listen, they don’t want to be there around you!

It hurts.

Hurts when you try, and maybe you’re helpless, and that is the worst, it’s no way to feel…

I know I’ve been both – being desperate to help, and yet helpless, and also shutdown, locked out, away in my own world of anger, frustration, and empty.

This isn’t so strange – there’s so many men that I talk to, there’s thousands:

The people I meet at my talks, support groups, in hospitals, all ages, and stages, and facets of life, and yet what we all have in common is not the inability to express our emotions, or being so afraid to show weakness, no!

In this day and age, we can speak our minds when we’re feeling safe without judgement.

The biggest obstacle of all is not being able to make sense of the challenging situation, least of all to yourself.

For if you cannot make sense of what it’s like to be losing your job, or your business, or a difficult time from the past, then how are you meant to share it with others?

So what can we do?

We must talk about clarity, and make making sense a core part of our experience!

It’s what I am sharing in my recent talk – I open it up to you on the podcast.

Thank you for being here, my friend!

Your journey is unlike anyone else, and yet there’s so much we share – we all who are touched by trauma.

Your story is our story, and through connection, through sharing our pains, struggles and hopes, we keep moving forward.


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