Some say happy moments are brief, but their impact is often long lasting.

These are moments that walk through unseen, and they’re bringing us strength, strength is fuel that’s keeping us going when we’re needing it most.

I remember my hospital stay during cancer, and what I loved the most was the cafe downstairs.

You could get yourself cake, a sandwich, a coffee, and make your way into a little courtyard.

You find yourself in a beautiful little oasis amongst the hospital walls – it is covered with tropical plants, shrubs, and flowers.

Birds are praising this day, in the hope of feasting themselves of the

As I’m watching my three year old covered in chocolate, I can’t help but smile.

The three of us sharing a moment – together.

We don’t know what’s next, but we’re in this together.

The moments we need as survivors – the moments of joy, pride, understanding, and trust.

We are in this together – you and I, those who know what it’s like to suffer.

Our journeys are always unique, yet struggles we so often share!

We want to be sharing the joys, the good times, the times we make change.

It’s life, our life, the only life we are given.

Life – not easy, or perfect, and yet it is here and it’s ours.

These moments we cling to in times we are needing them most.

For me, the chocolate cake in the garden, a moment of light – the picture I try and hold on to as I watch the liquid black bag drip into my vein.

These moments of beauty, of light, of trying and trying and not giving up:

These moments define us.

We’re choosing to look towards happiness, hope, and feeling you truly belong.

The happiness – you deserve!

To seek clarity, to show up at your best in proving to yourself that you are enough, and hold on to hope…

Hope that things can, and do, change – for the better!

The happiness we truly deserve, here on the inside, and this week we delve into happy:

What it means in your life today, and how you might bring more of it into your life today – join me as we walk through it on the podcast:

Thank you for being here, my friend!

Your journey is unlike anyone else, and yet there’s so much we share – we all who are touched by trauma.

Your story is our story, and through connection, through sharing our pains, struggles and hopes, we keep moving forward.


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