#89 – Embrace the Artist Within You

Maybe you don’t think you’re an artist. And I get it - you might not feel so creative right now, you don’t have the tools, or the time… But here’s the truth: You

#70 – Taking Next Step In Your Career

Sometimes life presents you with a choice, sometimes you have to make one. For me, it was exactly one decade into coding: I reached a point when it was no longer fun,

#68 – Unleash Your Creative Power

My friend, what does creativity mean to you? Me, I thought creative = being artistic, but… Nothing could be further from truth. In fact, it is an excuse for being lazy. Years I lounged
Dealing with unreasonable expectations

#8 – How To Deal With Pressure At Work

Imagine you come in (or dial in) to work and your inbox is flooded with emails from people thanking you for your support. Meetings are sharp, short and to the