#141 – Rock Hard Resilient You

We all want to be more resilient don't we, but how? Let’s start with one definition of what resilience that you might not have come across earlier: Resilience is accepting the

#140 – Four Reasons We Stop Asking For Help

The person that helps you the most is person that you almost missed, or got through by chance. Isn’t it true? It’s the circumstance brings you together. How many times do we

#133 – Your Relationship With Anger

Growing up, I saw that anger was bad. Angry people lashed out, they hurt others, they weren’t happy themselves. So I never got angry, and I kept it inside of myself, and

#132 – On Building Trust

Who are we - without trust? Just people with nothing in common. But you build the trust, it’s out in the open - the groundwork for love, recognition, respect. What’s more -

#94 – Healing Through Art

What does creativity have to do with trauma? Being creative in a way that is meaningful for you is what helps us heal, feel expressive and more alive! This week,

#93 – Believe in Yourself

Even in most darkest hour, one glimmer remains - hope. Hope that things can, and do, change… For the better! It might not be today, it might not be tomorrow, but it

#92 – Find Your True Self After Trauma

For years, I felt a part of me missing. But it wasn’t gone, only buried - in hurt, anguish, and shame. And to let it come out wasn’t easy, but it’s helping

#91 – You are Not Your Trauma

We often talk about stories we see and we hear, forgetting the story that matters the most: The story you tell yourself. These stories aren’t true - we’re making them up, so