#131 – Your Story of Truth

Do you know what people think when they look at you? Isn’t it fascinating when you think about what kind of impact you make without even thinking about it… There’s an

#130 – On Evolving Support Needs

Every time I speak to someone who’s been through cancer, I can’t help but ask: The people in your life - how did they support you? The reason is some of my

#128 – From Trauma To Triumph

When you’re caught in the struggle, then how hard it is to imagine that things could be different? When I was alone, and I could not have sex with a woman

#103 – How Do We Stop Hurting Today?

What most people see is the “safe” part of you - is this who you are on the inside? I think that we’re more than that, and part that we’re willing

#101 – The Five Hidden Virtues

With trauma, we’re always running away from hurt… Because too painful, and yet, that is exactly what can get in the way of healing. Take me - I spent most of my

#102 – The Secrets That Hurt Us

The moment you know that you’re changed, truly is learning you’re not alone. So this is a year ago, outside at the café that has already closed for the night: Sitting across

#88 – How To Make Life Worth Living

Life works in a mysterious way... Or so it does seem for me - especially when you stumble upon something so vital it changes your life in an instant. I’m flat, stretched

#86 – Embrace The Dreamer Inside You

Most of my life, I did not dare to dream. Life happened, and I scrambled after it. Good things, god awful things, and you simply hang in there, hope things work out… But

#85 – How To Be Authentic

The weird thing about being Alive in the moment is… It kind of sneaks up on you, doesn’t it? You’re doing the stupidest thing, and then - BOOM! You’re there, and it feels