#136 – How To Feel Understood

If you ask me what is the greatest way to prevent you from getting hurt, I’d stuffing it so far and so deep no one will ever find it. Including yourself. Trouble

#134 – Your Relationship With Shame

The moments that we are most ashamed of are things that we could not control. So isn’t time we live in our truth - we’ve nothing to hide from, atone for, take back. Yes, the struggle

#133 – Your Relationship With Anger

Growing up, I saw that anger was bad. Angry people lashed out, they hurt others, they weren’t happy themselves. So I never got angry, and I kept it inside of myself, and

#132 – On Building Trust

Who are we - without trust? Just people with nothing in common. But you build the trust, it’s out in the open - the groundwork for love, recognition, respect. What’s more -

#131 – Your Story of Truth

Do you know what people think when they look at you? Isn’t it fascinating when you think about what kind of impact you make without even thinking about it… There’s an

#130 – On Evolving Support Needs

Every time I speak to someone who’s been through cancer, I can’t help but ask: The people in your life - how did they support you? The reason is some of my

#128 – From Trauma To Triumph

When you’re caught in the struggle, then how hard it is to imagine that things could be different? When I was alone, and I could not have sex with a woman

#120 – Healing is Living Today

The most difficult, painful moments that have impact on our lives have this one thing in common: The mind wants to drift further away from the memory, from the event, so