#135 – How To Pull Yourself Together

Greatest gift that you can be giving yourself is seeing your self as you are - the wounds, imperfections, the questions and doubts… Because when you see your true face, your

#134 – Your Relationship With Shame

The moments that we are most ashamed of are things that we could not control. So isn’t time we live in our truth - we’ve nothing to hide from, atone for, take back. Yes, the struggle

#127 – Your Next Step To Heal

Tell me - are you the person who follows their own intuition, or likes to think everything through? Most of us fall somewhere in between, but being on my journey to

#90 – Ending The Year With Hope

If you’re in a rush to wrap up this year, to unwind, and go next - friend, I’m cheering you on! It’s what you deserve - to feel at your best,

#85 – How To Be Authentic

The weird thing about being Alive in the moment is… It kind of sneaks up on you, doesn’t it? You’re doing the stupidest thing, and then - BOOM! You’re there, and it feels

#54 – Living Proof You’re Enough

You’re supposed to feel excited before the date, but the strongest feeling that I ever was the urge to run away. Every time it was the same, especially when when I