3 day challenge to help you healing from trauma

Child Sexual Abuse Survivor 
Sharing Three Steps to Heal

By sharing my own experience of healing, I bring you simple ideas in helping you feel better and next steps in helping you heal

You’re not alone, and you deserve to be happy despite the hardships, to feeling love, deep connection, and simple joy of everyday life!

In 3 days I want to help you:

Reconnect with your own story of goodness
Feel more understood in the struggles you face
Shift away from the suffering towards healing
Reconnect with parts of you that may have been buried or misunderstood
A greater appreciation of your own inner world
Find greater peace within your very own life story
Courage in how to be more kind to you and your sense of self
Seek the next step on your journey to healing

here's the truth

Hello my friend, my name is Joe Bakhmoutski...

And after going through rape as a child has deprived me of love, connection, feeling that I belong. But speaking with a survivor has opened the door to new understanding of my own experience and how far I've come!

The healing journey I'm on has not only helped me cut through the fear and loneliness, but also find greater peace, a new sense of purpose, and joy of everyday life.

Now I feel like the happiest human alive - and I want to share what's helped me the most in hope that it's going to help you in some way as well!

You're not alone, my friend, I'm here for you, and I believe we can heal

3 day challenge to healing from trauma

By sharing my own experience of healing, I bring you simple ideas on helping you feel better and take the next bold steps in order to heal

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