#108 – Healing and Grief

Losing someone you love changes your life in an instant. This is the story of my friend Helen losing her husband to cancer. We talk about grieving, healing, and the life beyond. Helen

#107 – Denying the Trauma

Denial - a soft woolly blanket on a cold morning. If I can stayed curled up here in bed, then everything turns out okay. And does it? Life is facing the inevitable -

#104 – Healing with Therapy

The rape - I couldn’t talk about it for years. And I was a child, I didn’t have words to describe what it was, or how it’s been messing me up. The

#103 – How Do We Stop Hurting Today?

What most people see is the “safe” part of you - is this who you are on the inside? I think that we’re more than that, and part that we’re willing

#95 – Affirmations for Self-Love

When you are on the plane, the safety instructor always tells you to put your oxygen mask first, in case of an accident, before you are helping someone… Why? Because if

#93 – Believe in Yourself

Even in most darkest hour, one glimmer remains - hope. Hope that things can, and do, change… For the better! It might not be today, it might not be tomorrow, but it