#125 – Stuck in Survival

There’s a part in each of us that’s so fragile, so hurt by the past that we’re wanting to hide it, protect it - from what? When I look back on

#117 – Equine Therapy with Cindy Jacobs

It's hard to put trauma into words. That's why therapies like EMDR, trauma informed yoga, and neurofeedback can be so powerful in helping us heal. But having a calming presence around you

#113 – Why Men’s Health Why Now?

What is life without a moment of true connection - when you’re feeling the joy, the fun, and sharing of something unique, and yet simple, together. This might be a moment

#112 – What Is Happiness For You?

Some say happy moments are brief, but their impact is often long lasting. These are moments that walk through unseen, and they’re bringing us strength, strength is fuel that’s keeping us

#111 – Healing and Growing

The biggest impact of traumatic past is you being shut off from part of you deep on the inside. But when it is back, your whole being is surging to wholeness… The

#109 – If You’re Feeling Alone

There’s a moment you know you’re in love - you remember it, don’t you? It’s that spark, the emotion, and you don’t know what’s next, yet you can’t help but feel. We

#108 – Healing and Grief

Losing someone you love changes your life in an instant. This is the story of my friend Helen losing her husband to cancer. We talk about grieving, healing, and the life beyond. Helen

#107 – Denying the Trauma

Denial - a soft woolly blanket on a cold morning. If I can stayed curled up here in bed, then everything turns out okay. And does it? Life is facing the inevitable -

#104 – Healing with Therapy

The rape - I couldn’t talk about it for years. And I was a child, I didn’t have words to describe what it was, or how it’s been messing me up. The