#68 – Unleash Your Creative Power

My friend, what does creativity mean to you? Me, I thought creative = being artistic, but… Nothing could be further from truth. In fact, it is an excuse for being lazy. Years I lounged

#58 – How To Make Sense of Life

If you find yourself lost and not sure what to do, it’s a tough place to be… You jump from one thing to another to get answers, and it gets frustrating

#51 – How To Make Meaningful Change

It’s what I saw in their faces - smiles, joy - that simply blew me away. That day at the hospital it was crazy: The waiting, the rush, the needle and we

#49 – How To Live With Purpose

Do you sometimes feel out of time, out of place? It always happens when I get an idea for a project, and then pitch it, but it doesn’t take off, and