#75 – How To Feel Worthy of Happiness

Some people are happy - and some are not... Why is that? Maybe sometimes we look towards the things that went wrong, or you might be missing… Instead, what if make more

#70 – Taking Next Step In Your Career

Sometimes life presents you with a choice, sometimes you have to make one. For me, it was exactly one decade into coding: I reached a point when it was no longer fun,

#55 – Five Ways To Get Clarity

Clarity begins and ends with you, today! I know I’m going to get slammed for this, but: In every challenge you face, when the raft of life tips you over the side

#54 – Living Proof You’re Enough

You’re supposed to feel excited before the date, but the strongest feeling that I ever was the urge to run away. Every time it was the same, especially when when I

#46 – If You Feel Like a Failure

It’s a godawful feeling! But why do we feel this way when it’s just no good way to feel at all?!? We  worst part is you end up blaming yourself for being

#40 – Confidence in Transition

Right now you may feel as if you’re not enough, And of course that can make life especially tough, When you go through transition, things invariably change: What was true and familiar now

#32 – How To Be More Productive

Don’t you just hate it sometimes when you look at that clock and think - JUST WHERE DID THE DAY GO?!? There is so much to be done, and it feels

#31 – What To Do With Anger

There is nothing you could ever regret more than the things that you do in anger. It’s the one feeling you can’t control - it comes on, unasked, and takes over. And