#88 – How To Make Life Worth Living

Life works in a mysterious way... Or so it does seem for me - especially when you stumble upon something so vital it changes your life in an instant. I’m flat, stretched

#77 – Feeling That You Deserve

Can you find love, peace, or happiness if you don’t feel you deserve? Maybe, but it will likely be that much harder! Why? Because we tend to go for things that seem within

#75 – How To Feel Worthy of Happiness

Some people are happy - and some are not... Why is that? Maybe sometimes we look towards the things that went wrong, or you might be missing… Instead, what if make more

#70 – Taking Next Step In Your Career

Sometimes life presents you with a choice, sometimes you have to make one. For me, it was exactly one decade into coding: I reached a point when it was no longer fun,

#55 – Five Ways To Get Clarity

Clarity begins and ends with you, today! I know I’m going to get slammed for this, but: In every challenge you face, when the raft of life tips you over the side

#54 – Living Proof You’re Enough

You’re supposed to feel excited before the date, but the strongest feeling that I ever was the urge to run away. Every time it was the same, especially when when I

#46 – If You Feel Like a Failure

It’s a godawful feeling! But why do we feel this way when it’s just no good way to feel at all?!? We  worst part is you end up blaming yourself for being