#147 – On Embracing Resistance

Hello, my friend! I hope you’re having a phenomenal week! I hope there were moments of deep and authentic connection – in sharing your true thoughts and feelings, and being there

#143 – Confidence for Survivors

When you are born in this world, you so want to be loved - you are confident in your own ability to love, and to give love in the presence

#141 – Rock Hard Resilient You

We all want to be more resilient don't we, but how? Let’s start with one definition of what resilience that you might not have come across earlier: Resilience is accepting the

#135 – How To Pull Yourself Together

Greatest gift that you can be giving yourself is seeing your self as you are - the wounds, imperfections, the questions and doubts… Because when you see your true face, your

#134 – Your Relationship With Shame

The moments that we are most ashamed of are things that we could not control. So isn’t time we live in our truth - we’ve nothing to hide from, atone for, take back. Yes, the struggle

#88 – How To Make Life Worth Living

Life works in a mysterious way... Or so it does seem for me - especially when you stumble upon something so vital it changes your life in an instant. I’m flat, stretched

#77 – Feeling That You Deserve

Can you find love, peace, or happiness if you don’t feel you deserve? Maybe, but it will likely be that much harder! Why? Because we tend to go for things that seem within

#75 – How To Feel Worthy of Happiness

Some people are happy - and some are not... Why is that? Maybe sometimes we look towards the things that went wrong, or you might be missing… Instead, what if make more