#118 – To Heal From Abuse with Donna Lyon

This morning, as I am jogging through bush, I’m feeling my muscles grow tense. The breathing is shallow, arms flail around useless, like sticks… I know that I’m tired, and I want

#114 – Your Place of Strength

The last few years of living inside a pandemic have caught us off balance - the everyday life turned itself inside out, we struggled to make sense, connect, to belong. But

#106 – Difficult Road to Forgiveness

The strangest thing happened - I was driving to work when all of a sudden, the car behind me starts honking and screeching, and driver leans out the window, starts

#105 – Finding Your Inspiration

A friend asked me if I have any episodes about inspiration… Because he was feeling down, and not in a good place. And that’s what it’s for: Inspiration is a feeling that’s lifting

#101 – The Five Hidden Virtues

With trauma, we’re always running away from hurt… Because too painful, and yet, that is exactly what can get in the way of healing. Take me - I spent most of my

#102 – The Secrets That Hurt Us

The moment you know that you’re changed, truly is learning you’re not alone. So this is a year ago, outside at the café that has already closed for the night: Sitting across

#99 – Your Story, Your Truth, and Clarity

Did you know that sharing something you just learned with a fellow human can help you integrate this knowledge at a much deeper level? Because you understand how it works and

#98 – When You’re Wanting To Heal

How come is it that we don’t get to experience the depth and the beauty of life in the way we deserve after going through trauma? And why do so many