#139 – Releasing the Past

Past holds the pain, and it often gets triggered by smallest of things: Old photo, a song, throwaway comment, and then you find yourself small, stuck in the sorrow you don’t

#121 – Neurofeedback with Moshe Perl

Like many, I first learned about trauma from Besser van der Kolk’s “The Body Keeps the Score” book. I was driving from work, and listening to the first chapter where Bessel

#120 – Healing is Living Today

The most difficult, painful moments that have impact on our lives have this one thing in common: The mind wants to drift further away from the memory, from the event, so

#110 – What You Go Through Each Day

Turning your feelings in words - always hard. Especially when those are the feelings that speak to the hurt and uncertainty that has built up inside… But here’s the challenge - if

#97 – Healing From Shame

When I’m thinking of shame, I can see myself naked, in bed, lying flat on my face. We had only just met, and we made it to my place, we’ve been