#102 – The Secrets That Hurt Us

The moment you know that you’re changed, truly is learning you’re not alone. So this is a year ago, outside at the café that has already closed for the night: Sitting across

#99 – Your Story, Your Truth, and Clarity

Did you know that sharing something you just learned with a fellow human can help you integrate this knowledge at a much deeper level? Because you understand how it works and

#98 – When You’re Wanting To Heal

How come is it that we don’t get to experience the depth and the beauty of life in the way we deserve after going through trauma? And why do so many

#97 – Healing From Shame

When I’m thinking of shame, I can see myself naked, in bed, lying flat on my face. We had only just met, and we made it to my place, we’ve been

#96 – Learning Your Truth

Today, I bring you a vital conversation with Cathy Kezelman. I was so moved by Cathy’s book “Innocence Revisited”, and I had to know more. Cathy is a child sexual abuse survivor,

#95 – Affirmations for Self-Love

When you are on the plane, the safety instructor always tells you to put your oxygen mask first, in case of an accident, before you are helping someone… Why? Because if

#94 – Healing Through Art

What does creativity have to do with trauma? Being creative in a way that is meaningful for you is what helps us heal, feel expressive and more alive! This week,

#93 – Believe in Yourself

Even in most darkest hour, one glimmer remains - hope. Hope that things can, and do, change… For the better! It might not be today, it might not be tomorrow, but it

#92 – Find Your True Self After Trauma

For years, I felt a part of me missing. But it wasn’t gone, only buried - in hurt, anguish, and shame. And to let it come out wasn’t easy, but it’s helping