#148 – Finding More Kindness for Self

You know that moment when your favorite cup somehow slips through your fingers, and – BANG! It is on the floor, broken, in a dozen of pieces. It is always so sudden,

#147 – On Embracing Resistance

Hello, my friend! I hope you’re having a phenomenal week! I hope there were moments of deep and authentic connection – in sharing your true thoughts and feelings, and being there

#146 – Hope, Path to Healing

Once upon a time, in a land much like our own, there was a little girl who lived in the streets. And it was a good life – the only one

#144 – The New Science of Chronic Stress

Hello, my friend! Today, I share with you a fascinating conversation with Jason Carbone from Wayne State University who is an expert on stress and allostatic load, which represents the cumulative wear

#143 – Confidence for Survivors

When you are born in this world, you so want to be loved - you are confident in your own ability to love, and to give love in the presence

#141 – Rock Hard Resilient You

We all want to be more resilient don't we, but how? Let’s start with one definition of what resilience that you might not have come across earlier: Resilience is accepting the

#140 – Four Reasons We Stop Asking For Help

The person that helps you the most is person that you almost missed, or got through by chance. Isn’t it true? It’s the circumstance brings you together. How many times do we

#139 – Releasing the Past

Past holds the pain, and it often gets triggered by smallest of things: Old photo, a song, throwaway comment, and then you find yourself small, stuck in the sorrow you don’t