#127 – Your Next Step To Heal

Tell me - are you the person who follows their own intuition, or likes to think everything through? Most of us fall somewhere in between, but being on my journey to

#125 – Stuck in Survival

There’s a part in each of us that’s so fragile, so hurt by the past that we’re wanting to hide it, protect it - from what? When I look back on

#124 – Identity How We Belong

What’s the biggest compliment anyone has ever given you? Maybe it’s taken taken you by surprise, made you feel special? My wife served me with the biggest compliment of my life when

#122 – On Triggering and Response

I have an emerging medical situation re: possible cancer. I’m hopeful, but - I’ve been down that road before. My instant reaction is daze - the mind goes all soggy, it’s dragging

#121 – Neurofeedback with Moshe Perl

Like many, I first learned about trauma from Besser van der Kolk’s “The Body Keeps the Score” book. I was driving from work, and listening to the first chapter where Bessel

#120 – Healing is Living Today

The most difficult, painful moments that have impact on our lives have this one thing in common: The mind wants to drift further away from the memory, from the event, so

#118 – To Heal From Abuse with Donna Lyon

This morning, as I am jogging through bush, I’m feeling my muscles grow tense. The breathing is shallow, arms flail around useless, like sticks… I know that I’m tired, and I want