#86 – Embrace The Dreamer Inside You

Most of my life, I did not dare to dream. Life happened, and I scrambled after it. Good things, god awful things, and you simply hang in there, hope things work out… But

#85 – How To Be Authentic

The weird thing about being Alive in the moment is… It kind of sneaks up on you, doesn’t it? You’re doing the stupidest thing, and then - BOOM! You’re there, and it feels

#84 – How To Feel Fulfilled

When you feel good, this moment, today, it’s because you attach MEANING to it. And it is a choice, isn’t it? You decide what’s important, what it is you believe in, right now. Every moment,

#80 – How To Stop Overthinking

My friend I wish life was fair, just and made sense, but it doesn’t always feel that way, does it? Bad things happen to good people, often without explanation, and we

#79 – The Power of Positive Influence

Positivity still gets a bad rap in the media, but don't we all need it now more than ever?! In this age of division, when there is so much negativity and