#73 – How To Live Healthy For You

I used to smoke. Would you believe it? It might be crazy today, but it was easy back then… Back when I was invincible. Or so I thought - and cancer, well, it was

#72 – Find Clarity in Your Love Life

If I were to sum up being a teenager, in a word - clueless. No idea what about anything, but especially about love. I fell in and out of feelings until

#71 – Making Sense of the Unexpected

The first thing that hits you when life takes a turn is, why me?? What have I done to deserve this? Will things ever go back to the way they were? These questions

#70 – Taking Next Step In Your Career

Sometimes life presents you with a choice, sometimes you have to make one. For me, it was exactly one decade into coding: I reached a point when it was no longer fun,

#69 – How To Break Free From Guilt

I don’t know about you, but it’s kind of hard to stay positive… Even though you want to, there’s always something that JUMPS out of nowhere, and you’ve got to deal

#68 – Unleash Your Creative Power

My friend, what does creativity mean to you? Me, I thought creative = being artistic, but… Nothing could be further from truth. In fact, it is an excuse for being lazy. Years I lounged

#64 – How To Keep Out Negative Influence

The moment pandemic hit, I could not take my eyes off the news. The number of deaths, the restrictions, the sheer helplessness of it all… Glued to my phone, I kept switching