Did you know that sharing something you just learned with a fellow human can help you integrate this knowledge at a much deeper level?

Because you understand how it works and what it represents, but explaining it makes you find a place for it in your, to fit in with the rest of your experience.

And I think that it’s true for events that take place in our own life…

Say, have you ever noticed how sharing a personal story with friend, or a loved one made you see it in a different light?

We are finding a new perspective onto our journey, it can help us make sense, and in some way, put in place where it belongs – in the past.

One of the reasons why my experience of going through rape as a child has been keeping a stranglehold over my life is because I never told anyone about it.

What is it that I was afraid of?

Admitting the truth, as if it’s crime – I know that you and me, that us survivors:

We deserve better.

To speak our truth, to get clarity of your journey, and keep going the path into healing.

This is our truth this week – get in touch with your story in a way that is helping you heal:

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