When I’m thinking of shame, I can see myself naked, in bed, lying flat on my face.
We had only just met, and we made it to my place, we’ve been tearing our clothes off…
Only I cannot do it.
I cannot have sex – again.
There’s something that’s pulling me back, it’s from my past, past I can’t even see, feel, or get close…
But it’s interrupting my life, right now.
And I can’t even cry, just stare into the white emptiness.
She says something, and her words they sound kind, but she’s walking away.
Shame is all that you can’t do, and yet, we forget:
All the beautiful things that you can!
Yes, you can, and you do, but you’re might not be giving yourself the chance – in recognising the goodness, the hope, and the love that you give, to the world, and the people you care.
Shame is robbing us, you and me, from living our fullest, and that’s what I am tackling this week in my podcast:

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