Today, I bring you a vital conversation with Cathy Kezelman.
I was so moved by Cathy’s book “Innocence Revisited”, and I had to know more.
Cathy is a child sexual abuse survivor, her story shrouded by disassociation, and the startling discoveries have shaken Cathy’s world to the core.
Cathy’s path towards learning the truth, and the path towards healing, and the inspirational journey of creating Blue Knot Foundation to make an incredible difference to the people affected by complex trauma, is nothing short of astounding!
Cathy’s story helps us reconnect with our own, an ultimate reminder that no matter what you been through, my friend, you are never alone.
We’re here, with you, to give, grow and heal, together.
Thank you for being here, and hope you enjoy the vital conversation we’re having with Cathy right now!


Blue Knot Foundation

Innocence Revisited by Cathy Kezelman

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