What does creativity have to do with trauma? Being creative in a way that is meaningful for you is what helps us heal, feel expressive and more alive! This week, I am talking to my artist and playwright friend, Achiro Olwoch, about sharing your truth and healing from trauma.
My friend, where does the time go, and are we spending it right?
It makes you wonder, especially if you’re feeling stuck, in a rush, just trying to get through the day…
The moment it happens, like I was in writing my play, and doubts creep in:
Is this all there is – me, trying, over and over again? And I am no playwright, I am not getting paid for this, and no one is waiting, ready to even give it a chance…
But here’s one thing that I know as fact – this play, it’s helping me heal.
In here, I can channel:
The thoughts, fears, hope, dreams and needs that I felt, or wanted to feel, if I could.
In here, I can open myself, and be real.
I may not perfect, but I can be me, and it’s all we can ask for:
In living our truth, out there, in the open, it’s helping us heal.
And whether you’re dancing away, or walking with friends, or poking at weeds in the garden, you’re living your truth, creating your art to heal.
Because in the act of creation, you’re seeing the real you, in so many parts, connections, so giving and free.
But we don’t always get to live at the greater depth of experience – what can help you express your true self, past your trauma?
This is the topic that I am exploring this week with artist and trauma survivor Achiro Olwoch – and how simple practice of living through your art is helping us heal.
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