Even in most darkest hour, one glimmer remains – hope.
Hope that things can, and do, change… For the better!
It might not be today, it might not be tomorrow, but it can happen.
This isn’t a promise, or guarantee, but a possibility.
Because when you lose faith in your circumstance, lose confidence in the struggle that you face today, please go on, keep believing – in you!
In you, the you who deserves to be happy, the you who’s seen the struggle before, but found the strength to heal, stand your ground, get up, and keep moving.
Believing it doesn’t need proof:
Today, I am writing my play, The Giver of Hope.
It is the play about a young man who comes home after a long time away, to find answers, and solace, and instead, he gets to learn of his past, the struggles that he is still facing today, the depth of connection, and truth about love.
I love this play, and I believe it’s destined for greatness, however misguided that it may seem…
Not through some talent, or wit, or connections, but of the sheer desire to learn, give, and grow.
I’m going to learn up the skills, I am bound to get feedback, and I am going to push, and to make it all happen, one way or another…
Because I have a goal, a desire to heal, and a need to help others, to show journey of hope, and love, and forgiveness.
I don’t believe in myself today, but I believe where I’m going.
And that’s what I say to you:
Believe in yourself, my friend, not in the you and where you are today, but in you, and where that you is going to be TOMORROW.
Please know – I believe in you, your dreams, your hopes, your desires!
And I want to be there with you, right now, on this journey, so join me today on my podcast for more on finding the strength on how to believe in you:

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