For years, I felt a part of me missing.
But it wasn’t gone, only buried – in hurt, anguish, and shame.
And to let it come out wasn’t easy, but it’s helping me find my own self.
My true, authentic being, represented by different parts, times, hopes, hurts, and joys, it’s what making you who you are, deep, on the inside!
But the journey to find your true self isn’t easy.
Find a thread, a through line, connect – can take years!
At least, it’s my road, path that I took alone…
But you’re here, and you are on your journey, and you are one of us who is taking the road towards healing.
And if right now you’re trying to reconnect with a part of you, part that is hurt, or maybe forgotten, or frozen in time, then know this:
The very act of seeking clarity is moving you closer to living a happier, more purposeful life.
I’m here for you, my friend, and let’s figure this out together.
This week, I’m sharing what’s helping me on my journey, from hurt towards healing.
No one has all the answers – all we can do is ask.
Ask questions, connect, to grow, and allowing yourself to feel:
To feel more alive, more joyful, more open, more angry – TO FEEL
Allowing yourself to heal might be the single most courageous act you can take when you’re a survivor.
You lived through the tough times – you know what they are.
You have suffered, and struggled, and tried to get up, only to fall down, again…
And yet, here you stand!
One of us, who is doing their best, and to lead a good live, and I am here, and I honour your journey!
This week – how to find your true self beyond trauma:

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