When was the last time you got angry and said something that you regret without even realising that it happened in the first place? Or maybe there was a story on the news that set you off down the spiral of doom, and you could not stop thinking about it, leaving you empty, hopeless and drained?

There is no running away from the fact that powerful emotions can leave you hanging, but what if you could find better ways to deal with how you feel to lead a happier, more fulfilled life? James Gross, leading expert on emotion regulation from Stanford University, comes to the rescue to shed the light on how to manage your emotions in a way that serve you and your way of life.

Here is what we discuss in this conversation today:

  • How to recognise your emotions without judgement
  • Five types of emotion regulation strategies
  • Applying emotion regulation strategies in everyday life
  • How to change what you think to make you feel better

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