Maybe you don’t think you’re an artist.
And I get it – you might not feel so creative right now, you don’t have the tools, or the time…
But here’s the truth:
You are a survivor.
And even if you don’t define what you lived through as trauma, you have seen the struggle…
Be it in your life, the one that you love, it is a part of the life that we live.
You’re here, in this world, today because you have found ways to be at your best, fall down, to get up, and keep going!
This – it takes courage, and guts, and most of all, to create:
We live our life story, it’s how we communicate, whether it’s conscious or something you do in the spur of the moment!
The power of story is that this story can change, and only you can decide – which way does it go?
What path will reveal itself as you try to figure things out?
The artist in you will determine the story you tell to yourself, the story that you share with others, so…
You might then as well make it YOU – the one who survived and deserves to be happy!
Unleashing the Artist within you, today, so that you can dream, and hope, make plans for the future!
I want to share some ideas that helped me in my journey to heal in the podcast:

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