Life works in a mysterious way…
Or so it does seem for me – especially when you stumble upon something so vital it changes your life in an instant.
I’m flat, stretched out, like fish on the ocean floor.
Only I can’t go up.
Because there’s nothing there, is it?
Not even light.
I have not seen light for days.
Days that add up to years.
That’s how many days have I lived in those sixteen long years?
Not seen or have witnessed, but lived…
What is it like – to live?
Is this what I’m doing right now – living?
If I want to live, this life – it’s better be worth living.
And what if, maybe, things changed since the last time I’ve seen them?
I better go see, for myself.
Shoes, I need shoes, put them on, and start walking.
I walk on the street, the lighting is harsh, off white.
I’m dragging my feet, don’t know where they’ll take me.
And there’s a patch of grass, too small for a name, but big enough for a bench.
The bench is free, and I claim it.
I am looking, and then…
I feel the wind, rustling and gentle.
The tree, lonely, but proud, stretching itself upward.
I see blades of grass, every one, and how the sun falls, and glisten…
And now the world is but one, a myriad parts, an infinite life, in so many ways, possibility.
United as one, and I am a part.
One part, of something – GREATER.
It is a beautiful thing, the most glorious one in existence!
Why wasn’t I told??
Is this how it’s going to stay – present, now, joyous, not overwhelming, but here to belong.
The moment is wearing away as soon as I start thinking…
But this moment, my life changed.
I know – there’s hope, there’s beauty, there’s love.
Possibility, and I have been through the door.
This moment, I come back to because it’s always kept me to go, and live, to do what I can:
No matter what you have been through, you are enough.
Enough to live, love and heal.
And I’m here. For you.
You deserve the world, my friend!!
This life is worth living as best we can, know how, and we can figure things out.
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