Most of my life, I did not dare to dream.
Life happened, and I scrambled after it.
Good things, god awful things, and you simply hang in there, hope things work out…
But there may be a time when you hit the wall:
For me, it was when my first relationship broke.
She left me for someone, and I fell apart.
I was constantly drinking, no sleep, waves of fear and panic would roll in…
I felt further away from happy than ever before.
And then one night, driving home, I stop at the red light.
There’s one thought, one conviction that enters my mind:
This is never happening to me again
I deserve love, to give love, and be loved in return!!
I had no idea how, and no confidence left to find it…
But this dream, this hope, it kept me alive, and so I did what I could to keep going.
And in truth, it was far from easy – I stumbled, failed, and yet…
I kept trying, in hope that I can figure things out, and I never stopped trusting that dream:
To give love, and be loved in return.
When I have found the love of my life, I found the person that I can trust, fully and without reserve, who accepts me for who I really am, and helps me make sense of the crazy world that surrounds us…
Deep inside, I know it’s been worth it, every last second of struggle along the way.
And that’s what I say to you:
Please do not ever stop listening to your hopes, your dream, your ambition, your wish that there’s more to life!!
Because there always is, isn’t there?
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