The weird thing about being Alive in the moment is…
It kind of sneaks up on you, doesn’t it?
You’re doing the stupidest thing, and then – BOOM!
You’re there, and it feels good, so good to be right here, right now…
And then you surprise yourself:
One summer ago, I wake early.
The heat sips through everything…
The house is asleep.
I get the running shoes, shorts, and tee.
Where to?
The beach!
Where else would I want to be?
There’s barely a light when I hit the road.
The air is still, sweet and heavy.
I see the world blue, calm and inviting.
No swimmers!! I want to go in, but…
I hesitate, but only a moment:
Next thing I know I’m taking off shoes, socks, throw down the top, shorts and undies…
I run to the edge and jump in,
The water instantly takes to me, as I float, facing the sun…
I come out a new man, prodding the sand, the surge of life runs through my body.
And maybe somebody points…
I don’t care.
This – does not come too often.
Not often enough!
But I will make a bold claim:
The time when you do come alive, when you are the most authentic and real, is the moment when you decide:
Decide to go in, decide that you are out, decide you don’t care…
Decide things for you!
When you cast aside the shackles of expectation, you become most true, aligned to yourself, and your way of life.
It might not always be the comfort we seek, but how it is liberating!
We must bring more into life, these moments of true connection to you, in your truest of selves.
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