When you feel good, this moment, today, it’s because you attach MEANING to it.
And it is a choice, isn’t it?
You decide what’s important, what it is you believe in, right now.
Every moment, you choose, and that gives you one simple power:
To find JOY.
The time when you win – this is life as it’s meant to be!
Even if you are going it hard, when the struggles are there, and yet…
There is fire, and passion, desire to survive, and keep going!
Only you create meaning in your life, my friend.
Only you can decide what feels right going after to know you belong…
And all that requires is your reason WHY.
There is a reason for every pursuit, every mission, everything you hold dear…
You can do it by instinct, but I promise you this:
If you bring out your why, you uncover your reason for each duty you choose, you will feel more fulfilled, more joyous, each day.
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