I just heard a stunning definition of trauma from Dr Gabor Mate – it’s not the event itself that is trauma, but the psychic wound.
The event can’t be changed, but healing the wound we can do right now.
Because trauma can heal – and I wanted to hear that, we all do…
And it does make me wonder:
If your trust is betrayed, and you’re let down by your partner, a workmate, a friend, then it isn’t the event that is hurtful as much as the wound that it makes.
But this act of betrayal has nothing to do with your values, what you do in the world, but more so of the hurt that we carry.
This hurt can heal – through the good that we do, and the people we care, and good people we meet because the world is so much greater in goodness than any evil can muster.
Yes, the wrongs can be strong.
They can overshadow the right, but cannot overtake it.
When I look back on struggle and hurt, there was always more beauty and truth that I found in the world.
When has this been true for you?
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