The only time I feel a failure is when I compare myself to others.
Isn’t it weird??
Life seems to be going along just fine…
Until you’re struck with a vision of some success that might not even real – a happy snap, a random comment, a sideward glance when you get your coffee…
It’s like you don’t even think – just stand there, frozen with doubt.
Here is what most of us do when we compare ourselves to others:
We downplay our own achievements, ignore the progress we made, forget the journey we’re on.
It is unfair and cruel – to you!
Because the journey you’re on is unique – we all face our demons, own struggles, and circumstance.
Do not forget who you are and where you’re from – and honour yourself, honour the feeling.
The further we can get from having this sinking feeling, the better…
So join me this week to talk about putting a stop to it now:

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