Where should we be the strongest in times of struggle?

Home – that should be the place of solace and comfort, the place to heal.


You want your partner, your loved one, your friend:
To be there for you, and support you, help you get up…
But is that always the case?
Not for me, at least not in the first big relationship that I had:
The beginning was pure bliss, but slowly, the troubles set in.
We were growing apart, but I never knew how, until I got sick.
The fever, fatigue, I was in bed two weeks…
She was gone, and I never felt so alone.
Worst part – I didn’t know what to say, or do, helpless, and no clue what next.
But I knew it was wrong.
We are meant to give love, and be loved in return.
We are meant to give joy, and feel pride, and compassion, and care!
Because love both ways, and it’s vital we talk about how it works, and how it work better:

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