My friend I wish life was fair, just and made sense, but it doesn’t always feel that way, does it?
Bad things happen to good people, often without explanation, and we struggle with that:
Because you want to live well, free of guilt, to dream, and believe in yourself!
This is why it’s vital to find the courage and be kind to you.
So many times I’m sure you care and listen to others, support them in challenging times, display compassion and kindness…
And yet, you might be your own harshest critic!
You question and doubt things you do, you talk yourself down, you try to make sense of things that lie beyond your control…
It’s when we overthink, get stuck, and feel awful.
But give yourself grace, my friend, you don’t have to get everything right, or have all the answers, waiting for you at the ready!
If things can take a turn for the worse, then we must also accept change – and change can go both ways.
And if you struggle right now, and if it doesn’t feel right, or sudden, then please know that everything is possible.
For you, today, always.
And I’m here for you – tune in for more this time to talk about overthinking here on The Happy YOU:

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