Dealing with unreasonable expectations

Pressure and unreasonable expectations at work

Imagine you come in (or dial in) to work and your inbox is flooded with emails from people thanking you for your support. Meetings are sharp, short and to the point – no one is trying to show off, or upstage anyone, or take up time for no reason. You work on things that make the biggest difference and no one is trying to shift responsibility onto you. You finish the day feeling like something has gone right in the world today.

Does this sound your typical day at the office? For many of us, this is but a pipe dream. We make tough choices, untangle messy conversations, pick our battles, and go off to lick our wounds when the day is done. But work should not have to be a struggle! There are challenges and that’s a part of life we can’t turn away from, but it should never feel like a punishment or something you hate… When unreasonable situations (or expectations) are weighing me down, I try to work through in a logical way to stop it from making me angry or worked up about it. It does help though – hope you can find something in there for yourself!

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