Positivity still gets a bad rap in the media, but don’t we all need it now more than ever?!
In this age of division, when there is so much negativity and change, we’ve got to find ways to keep going…
Despite the trouble and the uncertainty when you’re expected to bitch and moan and complain – about EVERYTHING!
Don’t get me wrong, life ain’t easy, and yes, we live, side by side, with the struggle, but is does this make it an invitation to perpetuate the negative message further?!
Today, I see war, exhaustion, doubt – that is the challenge, our common challenge, to be remain ourselves, true selves, to stay true to our values, and be a positive influence out in the world, today.
This – this is our choice…
What is it going to be?
But every day, every moment, with every breath, we make a choice, the only choice that I hope to make:
To share good, to give, to be the positive influence because every smile, every kind word, that is what matters…
So how so we make it happen, and influence people around us in a positive way?
The answer, it lies in the way we our lives each day, in what it is that we do already, and people we care for the most.
To be a positive influence – how?
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