There’s this weird thing that happens when you make a friend:
It’s a moment of trust – when you let them into your world.
Maybe you invite them over, or suggest you do something together, that first step, it’s crucial.
Looking back, I find it hard to pinpoint those moments when people that I’m holding close, but what they might have in common is this – a shared experience.
But what if the experience you want isn’t there?
In my twenties, I did a short course on short plays.
Great learning and tons of fun – we put on shows together, we’ve grown close, so years later when I signed up for playwriting course, I was expecting more of the same…
But once the course was done, we went our separate ways – why?
The format, it was the same, but the difference was this – the first class, these years ago, we all went for drinks!!
We sat at the bar, we laughed, we told stories, we bonded…
It was the shared experience that went beyond age, race, class, or culture, even beyond our artistic sensibilities…
We bonded as people going in the same direction, and that’s what I pose to you today:
How can you get around people who shares the same aspiration, the same goals, who might be going in the same direction?
Assuming you want to bring more people into your life, people that get you, just in the way you are…
This is what friends for, isn’t it?
But how you go about finding them – that is the subject for our very own show this week right here on The Happy YOU:

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