Can you find love, peace, or happiness if you don’t feel you deserve?
Maybe, but it will likely be that much harder!
Because we tend to go for things that seem within reach.
And if you don’t feel it’s real, if you don’t believe it attainable, if you don’t feel you’re ready, equipped or deserving, it’s going to be hard to find the way forward.
But this feeling of not being enough can only come from one place – the PAST.
Irrespective of the great things you know you love, that you brought to life or proud of, there will also failures, mistakes, things that don’t go to plan…
It is part of our life – and for me, it is my teenage life, stranger in a strange land, and without a clue.
I felt stupid, and awkward, and did not belong.
With my big dorky glasses and my broken words, they made of fun of me, trust me they did, maybe not to my face, but that’s made it worse.
So now, when I go into new situations, I’m meeting new folks, there’s a part of me – honest – that trembles with fear…
I don’t usually think it back to my teenager life, but that link, it’s there, and it won’t go away…
But I ask – what is it that I’m missing out on today?
What if this is a beautiful chance to learn something new, make a friend, or have fun, wouldn’t that all be worth it?
After all, is it really fair to let our past setbacks to direct our lives today?
When we leave the past where it belongs belongs, we make room for what is possible for us today.
When it feels attainable, real, present, and within reach – it’s when we are ready take it, and feel more deserving because we let go of the past that might be holding us back.
Those past challenges, they won’t disappear, but they would hopefully keep their place in a place where they are no longer directing our lives.
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