We all talk to ourselves. That’s not weird, right? It is something you do, every day, and    while some days are better than others, there’s often a pattern:
What you say to yourself, it’s something that helps you, pulls you up, and it gives you the hope for the future, or it’s harsh, full of angst, and it’s holding you back, further.
It is hard when you care about others – you do what you can to be kind, to be thoughtful, to encourage and praise…
But is that what you do for yourself?
And I mean that – if you can be caring, and hopeful and kind towards others, than surely, you must do the same for yourself?
For if you can forgive others the misgivings the have, if you can look past their faults, and accept them as they truly are, than you must do the same for yourself!
It’s the path towards life you deserve, and if you don’t believe me…
Please believe in yourself, my friend!!
You have earned it.
This is the art of self-acceptance, and it’s what we must practice to be more fulfilled, despite the struggles and the doubts that we have.
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