You know what’s worse than being scared?
It’s when you feel numb – NOTHING.
I look back to when I’m outside the urologist’s office, rain beating across the face.
In my hands are the papers with proof of the cancer inside me.
The inside is empty, and things won’t ever be the same again.
This moment you’re thrust into chaos it’s when you know:
A new order is what must emerge.
Things won’t be the same, so how is it going to be, from this moment on?
We make sense of it, shape it, and find ways to go on.
Some call it “the new normal”.
What matters the most is the essence – how you find calm, peace, a sense of gratitude and kindness, most of all, towards self.
What is going to help you along?
To feel good about yourself, and the world around you?
It’s what we’re exploring this week on The Happy YOU:

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