I used to smoke.
Would you believe it?
It might be crazy today, but it was easy back then…
Back when I was invincible.
Or so I thought – and cancer, well, it was only something that happens to “other people”.
And living healthy never made sense – because it wasn’t for me, I didn’t need it.
But one day, it got me.
When they found the cancer inside me, that made it personal.
And our health, it’s something I can’t take for granted…
I’ve got to take care of myself, as best as I can, so I can enjoy it and feel like I had not wasted a single chance.
Sure, anything can happen, and things don’t go to plan, and yet…
What I want to know is I did everything in my power to stay healthy so I can feel good and help others.
Everyone’s journey towards healthier life is bound to be different, and yet it can help us steer clear of regret.
And that’s got to be worth something, isn’t it?
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