If I were to sum up being a teenager, in a word – clueless. No idea what about anything, but especially about love.
I fell in and out of feelings until the one time  that became long term…
Five and a half years later, she left and I was alone, more lost than I was ever before:
People around me seemed to know what they exactly what it is they wanted…
And some found it too!
Me, on the other hand, had been sleep walking through life.
For so long, until…
One day, I was on the way home.
But instead of music, I stumbled on an audio book.
Self help – no idea what that was, but there is a message I got loud and clear:
It struck me like thunder.
Me, in control of my life??
It may seem simple to you, my friend, but this has a profound change for me…
I realised that falling in love was my responsibility.
To ensure this person loves me for who I am, a person that I can trust…
The more I thought about the person I wanted, the more I realised what I’ve been missing and what I deserve.
The vision took shape in my mind, I knew what I wanted, which in a strange way, made it MORE REAL.
No longer vague, abstract, but tangible, and also…
If this is what I expect to find, then it’s the least I must give in return.
I have to be what I desire – it’s as simple as that.
This – it helped me rise to the occasion, to be at my best, and grow.
It brought me closer and closer to the dream that I wanted – until I met her.
Meeting my future wife was a turning point, a magical moment I will never forget…
And yet, it would never have happened unless I made a promise to stand up for love.
When you know what you want and you’re willing to give your best, the result is a matter of time and circumstance.
Not the other way around – and making sense of it all is crucial.
Do you want to be more happy and joyous in love?
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