Sometimes life presents you with a choice, sometimes you have to make one.
For me, it was exactly one decade into coding:
I reached a point when it was no longer fun, and so I went back to study at night, wanting to figure things out…
Honestly I had no idea what I was doing…Countless times I wanted to give up, but inside, I knew there is MORE.
That I deserve to be happy in what I’m doing.
And yes, that I may not hold all answers – or any answers – but I can try!
And you’ve done it too, haven’t you?
The times you weren’t sure, but you gave it a go, and you stumbled, but got there in the end!
You figured things out, you made it work!!
So it’s nothing new, only a commitment to yourself, to find what works, and go with it.
There’s a purpose that we all have as humans – to not stay in one place, to find a way forward.
To lead a happy and meaningful life so that you feel you belong.
And when you are giving your best, and making a difference in a way that’s going to make sense to you, it’s going to feel good, to be yourself and the life that you’re living…
But sometimes you’ve got to take that step forward, even if it feels weird, and figuring out what that is – that’s part of the process, to work out what you want to do…
So what’s next for you, your career?
If you want some help thinking through it, tune in for this week’s show and we’re going to do it together:

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