I don’t know about you, but it’s kind of hard to stay positive…
Even though you want to, there’s always something that JUMPS out of nowhere, and you’ve got to deal with it!!
That’s true of negative emotions that tend to sneak up on you – like guilt.
Just the other day, I asked my son if he’s done his homework:
He did not, and trudged off to his room…
A few minutes later, I heard him get in trouble with my wife because he was meant to be cleaning up, and didn’t.
And you know what?
I felt guilty!!
Even though it wasn’t my fault, still, I hated the thought of him being upset…
So I said – it’s on me, and he can finish it later.
This wasn’t some massive change, but it did make think:
It doesn’t matter what you did or might have done, or how you feel and who’s fault it is…
The only thing that matters is what you do NEXT.
Because feelings like shame can only remain in our presence until we do something about them!
It need not be some epic change, but one step forward – a conversation, an acknowledgment, a kind gesture…
Don’t we all deserve to feel better about ourselves?
I believe that we can do much to eradicate guilt from our lives and stop it taking hold, to usher it towards the exit!
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