My friend, what does creativity mean to you?
Me, I thought creative = being artistic, but…
Nothing could be further from truth.
In fact, it is an excuse for being lazy.
Years I lounged around waiting for the creative muse to strike me:
So you go on with life until there is an urge to start writing, and it’s a rush to get things out as quickly and best you can…
Unpredictable, unsustainable, and no direction.
Today, I have my creativity right on schedule – every week, I make a podcast.
When I work, I make time for practice to hone my skills and get thoughts in order.
Every day, I have tasks that move me closer to the vision that I have for myself moving forward:
Giving, at my best, helping others.
Creativity is discipline when you want results and understanding your rhythm so you can make it work for you!
So how can you do that better?
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