Your dream – honestly, is it worth?
It’s the question I ask myself because my dream to impact millions of people through my work, it is HARD.
Some days – like today – you run around doing a million things feeling nothing gets done…
And it’s by no means a question of intent, but clarity and self care.
Let’s speak to self care first because it’s so in your face:
When I start berating myself for wasting time or not making good on my plans, I know that it is then I let myself down as well as my family.
My family because if I’m stuck in self blame and pity, I’m no fun, and that’s a fact 😤
But also myself because it’s not fair to treat yourself in this way!
If you can be kind, understanding to others, support them and giving them praise, then surely, you ought to be doing this for yourself!!
Would you say that’s true?
This is self care – when you care for yourself so you can give fully, without holding back.
And speaking of giving, we come to the second part of what we need to keep hold of our innermost dreams:
For when you can see things the way they are, you bring about certainty to the way you live so you can be so much more confident about decisions you make!
But how do you do that in a way that is going to keep you sane so you can get to your dreams faster?
I want to walk you through my four step process to find clarity and how it applies to staying on track for the life that you want, even when things don’t go your way…
So join me on The Happy YOU for this week’s episode on how to push on with your dream:

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