Do you ever say to yourself – why am I not already having that at this point of my life??
I know I do, and it’s not a good feeling!
It’s like admitting that something is wrong, but is it, really?
Doubt raises its ugly head when you’re going for new, creating and being your true self…
When what you want to do most is to be present, engaged in this moment, today, living life to its fullest…
This speaks to my ambitions of being an author, a thought leader, but I do find it hard to get there because I stumble along the way, I make mistakes, I get sidetracked with day to day problems and feeling misunderstood…
It is a part of being human, a journey to self acceptance, and I am here to remind you:
You don’t have to be perfect, it’s okay to let go of things that might be holding you back, and move forward, regardless!
Because you deserve to be happy, to live a more fulfilled and purposeful life, to live in the moment despite worry and doubt!!
So we strive and some ways are better than others – so join me for more on this week’s episode of The Happy YOU:

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